Boruto Episode 192, Sadness Story of Little Kawaki

Kawaki English – Boruto Episode 192 has been released and tells story of Kawaki childhood until it was bought by Jigen to Kawaki father.

In anime that has aired, little Kawaki does whatever he can to buy wine for his father.

Sometimes if wine was low, Kawaki was beaten and not fed by his father.

The people in his village also made fun of Kawaki father, although Kawaki continued to defend his father until he was beaten by two young men who mocked him.

At that time, wine that was bought from chopping wood from people fell and caused bottle of wine to crack.

With his temples bleeding from being beaten by two young men, one of them approached Kawaki and offered to trade goldfish around village while giving a tissue to clean blood on his temple.

Kawaki also ran towards his house, but until house he was locked up.

Meanwhile, Inner Kara member Delta finds Kawaki discarded scar tissue, and then meets Jigen.

Jigen also came to Kawaki house to buy it from his father, meanwhile Kawaki refused and wanted to stay with his father.

However, Kawaki father did not care, instead he hit wine bottle against Kawaki head until he fell on his knees.

After negotiations between Kawaki and Jigen father were over, Kawaki was taken to Kara headquarters, and it seemed that Kawaki would be put in a tube so that he could become an Otsutsuki container with a Karma sign.

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