Theory: Eida Becomes Boruto Girlfriend and Sumire Dies

Sumire dies on instagram
Sumire dies on instagram English – Boruto manga is now getting exciting, because Konoha is filling in for a Hokage son who has Momoshiki karma.

The kage are even involved in affairs of Momoshiki who is in Boruto body which has reached 80%.

Previously, Kazekage Gaara in Chapter 57 mentioned to Naruto about Boruto regarding Momoshiki awakening.

Naruto, who is father of Boruto Uzamaki and also a Konoha Hokage, said he would not let that happen.

Despite Naruto attitude, as a father of Boruto he was certainly worried about it happening.

Amado seemed to understand Naruto feelings, and said that he also had a daughter but died.

Amado then offered a formula that could wait for Autonomy process to Boruto, namely pill.

However, Amado said that side of pill could have an autsukification effect, it could actually make Boruto die.

The question is, Who is Amado Daughter, is it true that she is Eida.

After we did a search on internet, finally found an article that Amado daughter died allegedly because of her father Practice Mall, for an experiment. It is suspected that girl child is Eida.

On some internet there are also disparaging theories about theory that Eida will date and marry in future.

However, this theory in our opinion is difficult and very weak, because Eida is a Cyborg and if it is true that she is Amado child it means that she is dead, while Boruto is still alive.

The possibility of this theory is only because Eida has an eye doujutsu (Senrigan) that can see past and present, meanwhile Boruto also has Doujutsu Eyes, namely Jougan.

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