Kemit Forest Education, Awesome and Beautiful Destination in Sidareja Cilacap


CILACAP.INFO – A Little Story about Kemit Forest Tourism Object in Sidareja Cilacap. Kemit Forest Education is a tourist attraction (Obwis) located on Jalan Srikaya Karanggedang, Sidareja District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java. From the City Center of Cilacap Regency the location is 20 Kilometers.

Kemit according to local residents is a valley. The Kemit was then made beautiful by a crew from Masterbee Indonesia to be a tourist destination. With the alteration process which was allegedly spent more than Rp 1.5 billion. This budget was spent on the provision of new vehicles in the Forest Ministry.

In addition, the tour with an area of ​​1/2 hectare is managed by the Forest Management Unit of West Banyumas in collaboration with the Forest Village Community Institution (LMDH) of Giri Mulya.

History of Kemit Forest before becoming a tourism vehicle as it is now a forest area covered with dense pine trees.

At that time, the culture of selfies in places that felt good and beautiful became an attraction for the younger generation to express themselves. They take a photo, wrap a memory of the object in capture with a beautiful scenery background.

Likewise with what is done by young people in Sidareja District. This is where the Kemit Forest began, then was built and inaugurated on 27 November 2017.

After being inaugurated, the name of Kemit Forest Education which was only limited to ordinary forest, was transformed into a beautiful vehicle that bounced and was visited by tourists from various cities. Viral and become a hot tour.

The Kemit Forest visitors included Banyumas, Kebumen, Purbalingga and even from Banjar City, Ciamis District, Pangandaran and Tasikmalaya, West Java.

Kemit Forest Education at that time was truly viral. The tourists are spoiled with various facilities. And do not forget, when it has colonized this tour the tourists capture the moment of travel, both with friends, girlfriends and relatifes.

Tourists can take advantage of existing facilities at this attraction. One of them is swing and bicycle hanging. Riding this facility in the air will test your adrenaline and courage.

In addition, from above, tourists will be treated to a beautiful panorama of plants or green trees. This is like the name Forest which indeed means Forest. This tour follows the tourist attraction contained in the attraction!

Hanging Bike Rides in Kemit Forest Sidareja Cilacap

Hanging Bike Rides are one of the favorite rides for visitors at this attraction. Maybe Because the ticket prices are very affordable, in this vehicle often long queues occur. Especially when the holidays arrive.

Wahana Ayunan in Kemit Forest Sidareja Cilacap

One of the selfi spots which is the second favorite for visitors is the swing vehicle.

By spending around fifteen thousand rupiahs, visitors can try this swing vehicle. That price includes several times the DSLR camera shots taken by the tour manager.

In this swing vehicle is often a struggle for tourist visitors, especially for women who like to take pictures.

Wahana Panahan at Kemit Forest Sidareja Cilacap

For those of you who like archery sports here, there are facilities available. With a rate of twenty thousand rupiahs, you can try how to use a bow and arrow.

Wahana Playing Children in Kemit Forest Sidareja Cilacap

For those of you young mothers who come here with their children, don’t worry about their children being fussy or not happy. This tour manager provides a special vehicle for children’s play.

With synthetic grass on the floor, then you do not need to worry about children falling when your child is running around. Even if it falls tends to be safe.

Other facilities at Kemit Forest such as prayer rooms for praying have also been provided. In addition, Kemit Forest can be accessed from the Town of Sidareja District in only about 30 minutes by vehicle.

The access road in Sidareja is the main route to Cilacap City, passing through Gandrungmangu and Kawunganten. Jeruklegi to the east, while to the west can go to Cipari, Wanareja or Banjar City.

From the direction of Ciamis, West Java, it can go through the Manganti Dam and Kedungreja. Then go south, can go to Patimuan and Pangandaran, West Java.