3 Days Search, Drifting Farmers Found Basarnas Cilacap

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cilacap info featured

Cilacap.info English – Unlucky experienced by a farmer who wants to go down to field named Suparno (74). He intends to go down to river crossing cikawung cimanggu when water discharge rises due to heavy rain overnight.

He was swept away in Cikawung river and was found dead in a condition by Joint Sar Team in a floating condition.

The search for drift of Suparno took 3 (three) days by conducting a sweep on banks of Cikawung Cimanggu River.

A number of Joint Sar Teams are looking for him with equipment that has been provided.

In this activity a number of elements helped to conduct searches and sweeping including Basarnas Cilacap, Cimanggu Koramil, Cimanggu Police Sector, BPBD Majenang, and a number of humanitarian volunteers.

Head of Basarnas Cilacap Search and Rescue Office (KPP), I Nyoman Sidakarya, said that victim was found on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at approximately 09.00 WIB.

“After three days of sweeping along Cikawung river, victim was found dead, victim was found floating about 25 kilometers from scene .” Said I Nyoman Sidakarya.

Nyoman said victim discovery was found in Bantar river which had entered Cilacap Wanareja District.

“The victim was found dead, precisely at bridge of Bantar River, Bantam District, + 25 Kilometer District, and then victim was immediately taken to funeral home”, he explained.

After finding victim, continued Nyoman, SAR operation was immediately closed and Combined SAR Elements returned to their respective units. (Ayu)

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