Boruto: Amado Will Make a Cyborg, Who Is He?

Friday, 30 Jul 2021 16:18:54 WIBby

CILACAP.INFO – In Chapter 60 of manga Boruto, Amado seems to be making Cyborgs to help Naruto and Konoha if enemies like Code start attacking Konoha.

Because he knows that Naruto’s strength is not like when the fourth shinobi world war where the Hokage at that time still had Kurama or Kyuubi.

Now Naruto is not the jhincuriki of the nine tailed fox, that’s why Amado thinks that with Naruto’s current condition, Naruto probably won’t win against Code, even though Sasuke will join him in the fight.

Because Sasuke also lost the Rinnegan eye which functions to reverse objects, reverse himself and can even open time and space portals.

It is known that when Naruto and Sasuke fight together, their strength can overwhelm the enemy.

However, the current situation for the two shinobi was different, in that their strength was reduced due to the loss of what they had before.

According to the theory from, Amado is like Orochimaru, if Orochimaru can do edo tensei, then Amado can make clones of dead people.

Therefore theorizes that Amado will create a clone of a Shinobi.

Here are the strongest Shinobi clones that Amado might create:

1. Hashirama Senju

The first Hokage is known to be quite strong, even though his opponent has the Sharingan which for anyone is quite dangerous. But Hashirama managed to defeat Madara Uchiha.

2. Uchiha Madara

Although in the fourth shinobi world war Madara is known to have evil ambitions, but finally he realized before dying.