The PSSI Judicial Council will summon Achmad Haris and Djoko Purwoko

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JAKARTA, CILACAP.INFO – Acting Secretary General of PSSI Yunus Nusi confirmed that PSSI Judicial Board will summon Secretary of Sriwijaya FC Team Achmad Haris and Djoko Purwoko regarding dowry of 100 thousand Singapore dollars to make Dodi Reza Alex Noerdin manager of U-19 Indonesian national team.

“The two people will be summoned by Judicial Board. The General Chairperson of PSSI also supports them. Actually, orally, PSSI has received reports from Haris and Djoko about this case. However, as an institution, PSSI needs to clarify formally so that all of its statements can be accounted for,” ‘said Yunus.

Yunus also said that any decision by Judicial Body must be respected by all parties.

“The principle of presumption of innocence must still be put forward. You cannot accuse someone of wild assumptions on social media. That why Judicial Board will summon both of them to be questioned,” said Yunus.

In a previous statement, Haris has denied being involved in sale and purchase of manager of U-19 Indonesian National Team. He also reminded that information on circulating receipts was clearly not related to this.

“Now, okay, what does it say on receipt? It a World Cup ticket and it just business. What wrong with going into business?” said Haris.

“I do not know anything about other issues. Now it remains only to see what information is on receipt,” he continued.

Djoko Purwoko also denied narrative that had been raised regarding sale and purchase of managerial positions. He felt that there were parties who were not happy with PSSI led by Mochamad Iriawan and Dodi as former Sriwijaya FC officials.

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