Had Stated Positive, Toddler 4 Years in Cilacap has now been cured

illustration coronavirus
illustration coronavirus

Cilacap.info English – Good news came from a positive patient Covid-19 whose initials AR (4) from Bulupayung Village, Kesugihan District. After undergoing intensive care at Cilacap Regional Hospital, toddler was declared cured of corona virus.

In addition, a total of 7 (seven) patients under surveillance (PDP) who were waiting for results of swab also received excitement. Because after receiving laboratory results they were declared corona negative.

The statement was delivered directly by Regent of Cilacap Haji Tatto Suwarto Pamuji in a press conference held by Cilacap District Government. The place is located in Prashanda Room, Pendopo Cilacap Regency, Jln. Jenderal Soedirman No.32 Cilacap, Wednesday (15/4).

Accompanying Regent, Cilacap Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Dery Agung Wijaya, SIK, SH, MH, Kasdim 0703 Cilacap Major Inf Ahmad Rofik Alfian, Secretary General Drs Farid Maruf, ST, MM, Head of Cilacap Regency Taufik Hidayat, Director of RSUD Dr. Reza Prima Muharama and Head of Cilacap Health Office, dr. Pramesti.

“In addition, Government of Cilacap Regency has also received 2 positive Covid-19 laboratory results. The two patients have recorded a history of travel from out of town, including from Bandung and Klaten. Now patient is in good condition, has been isolated and will be re-swab “Related to that, we will do contact tracing and apply quarantine for those who have contact with patients.” Said Regent.

Furthermore, until now number of positive confirmation cases of Covid-19 in Cilacap Regency is 10 people. With details of 1 recover, 8 in treatment and 1 died. Whereas 21 PDPs were treated and 140 ODPs.

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