In Future Boruto Marries Sarada Uchiha or Sumire Kakei

illustration Boruto marrying Sumire and Sarada
illustration Boruto marrying Sumire and Sarada English – A manga comic fan written by Ukyo Kodachi featuring a character with a unique character. Because those who entered ninja academy in Konohagakure came from various backgrounds.

There are whose parents are not ninjas like Denki, but there are those who come from land of Samurai to replace Sumire Kakei who decided to move Division.

Sumire Kakei when Genin was trained by Hinata younger brother, Hanabi Hyuga and entered team 15 with Wasabi and Namida.

Then suddenly chose to enter a research division about ninja tools.

Namida and Wasabi were shocked when Sumire said that, but before long, there was an exchange of ninjas.

Sumire was replaced by Tsubaki Kurogane which surprised everyone. Because historically, only in era of Naruto Uzumaki became Hokage a Samurai entered Konoha Ninja school.

It is possible that Boruto previous creator, Ukyo Kodachi, placed Sumire Kakei like Hinata Hyuga when he was in Naruto series.

Even though both Naruto and Boruto manga series are action comics, there are always love stories, and this is also what Borusumi and Borusara fans love, because love story is a crucial moment for fans like any other manga.

Hinata in Naruto series created by Masashi Kishimoto really liked Naruto even he wanted to live with him which eventually came true.

Meanwhile, Boruto was caught in Chunin exam for cheating by using prohibited ninja equipment.

Long after this Ch┼źnin exam, Sumire Kakei chose a division about ninja equipment.

This similarity has something to do with Boruto, who is likely that they will be matched by manga creator in future and will reappear who will then help Boruto.

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