Indonesian Police Successfully Arrest Russ Albert Medlin

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JAKARTA, CILACAP.INFO – Russ Albert Medlin, an FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) fugitive, was captured in a luxury house he rented in Jakarta. Russ was arrested for having sex with a minor through services of a pimp.

Russ had previously been wanted by FBI for committing fraud using Crypto money investment scheme with a ponzi scheme.

It turns out that Russ escaped from FBI and hid himself in Indonesia. Russ is not only an investment mode fraud, but he is also a pedophile who has a sex disorder.

Quoting, Medlin was arrested at his rented house on Jalan Brawijaya, South Jakarta, on June 15, 2020 because of a case of prostitution of underage women. After safekeeping, officers conduct a background check and find a red notice from FBI and International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol).

“Medline is a fugitive from Police, and based on Interpol red notification that we have coordinated International Relations Division of Indonesia Police Headquarters. And also we immediately turned out to be FBI fugitives.” Yusri Yunus Said, Tuesday.

Yusri ( Head of Metro Jaya Police Public Relations Commissioner ) explained. Medlin was hunted by FBI because of a case of investment fraud by making, operating, and promoting investment with cryptocurrency method of ponzi scheme.

“Medlin is a recidivist and suspect of Bitcoin stock investment fraud and operates and promotes Bit Club Network or BCN. The total he succeeded was deceived by approximately 722 million USD or Rp11 trillion.” He added.

The information was obtained from Interpol red notice under number A-10017 / 11-2016, dated November 4, 2016, about Interpol fugitive search information published on December 10, 2019 and recorded as a suspect of RAM.

The suspect RAM is currently detained at Metro Jaya Regional Police Detention Center to undergo legal proceedings and await coordination with International Relations Division of Indonesian Police Headquarters.

Yusri explained, Medlin was arrested at his rented house on Jalan Brawijaya, South Jakarta, on June 15, 2020, based on reports from community that mentioned prostitution of underage women.

Officers then conducted an investigation and reconnaissance of Medlin residence and managed to secure three underage prostitutes who when examined claimed to have just been booked to serve Medlin.

On basis of this confession officers then carried out a raid on Medlin residence and secured Medlin suspect along with a number of items of evidence.

The suspect RAM also admitted making ob scene photos and videos with a number of underage women.

“Every time he does he asks to be photographed and videotaped. So there is a possibility that person concerned is a pedophile. While suspect is concerned pedophiles.” Yusri said.

Officers then secured several items of evidence such as laptops, cellphones, Rp.63 million in cash and US $ 20,000 in cash.

For their actions officers ensnared Medlin with Article 76 junto Article 81 of Law No. 35 of 2014 amending Law 23 of 2002, with threat of a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison and a maximum of 15 years in prison with a fine of Rp5 billion.

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