Anticipating Fires and Spread of Covid 19, Minister of Agriculture Checks of Agriculture Building Facilities

Minister of Agriculture Checks Ministry of Agricultur Building Facilities
Minister of Agriculture Checks Ministry of Agricultur Building Facilities

JAKARTA, English – Jakarta – The Covid 19 Task Force of Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) is moving quickly to carry out tracing and isolation, so that spread of virus does not spread. This was conveyed by Minister of Agriculture (Minister of Agriculture), Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) when checking security and other supporting facilities in environmental buildings of Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) Headquarters as an early effort to prevent fires and spread of Covid-19 outbreak, Monday ( 24/08/2020). This check is also to ensure health protocol within Ministry of Agriculture is actually implemented properly.

“We are continuously actively reminding vigilance at work. Health protocols remain strictly enforced, even though they have to work alternately in office,” said Minister of Agriculture SYL when checking health system and fire threat protection, when asked by media at C Kanpus building of Ministry of Agriculture, Monday (24/08/20).

At this check, Minister of Agriculture SYL was accompanied by Secretary General of Ministry of Agriculture, Momon Rusmon, Director General of Plantation Kasdi Subagiyono, Head of General and Procurement Bureau, Maman Suherman and Head of Public Relations and Public Information Bureau, Kuntoro Boga Andiri. The Minister of Agriculture SYL also checks condition of building and its facilities, such as alarms, smoke and heat sensors in building, readiness of hydrants and warehouse for hydrant water pump machines.

“So our facilities are complete and condition is ready to go. We are anticipating fire-prone conditions early. But we hope that things that are not desirable will not happen,” explained SYL. Regarding prevention of Covid 19, Minister of Agriculture SYL said, Ministry of Agriculture regularly conducts rapid tests and SWAB tests for every employee of Ministry of Agriculture. In addition, Ministry of Agriculture also continues to sterilize buildings after working hours to keep work spaces safe from threat of Covid-19.

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