Laying Chicken Coops in Cimanggu Cilacap Protested by Residents

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cilacap info featured

CILACAP – Laying chicken coops in Cimanggu Cilacap were protested by residents because it was built in middle of a settlement and caused many flies to perch on their homes. According to data, there are around 11,500 laying hens in cage.

The location of farm that caused unrest until it was protested was in Cilingga Hamlet, Nambo Village, Cimanggu District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java. Even a group of residents from local village reported matter to DLH (Environmental Agency) and submitted a letter that had been given a stamp duty 6000.

Some local residents even expressed their frustration with establishment of laying hens in middle of their settlement. Until someone shares it on social media timeline.

One account on social media which is a local resident for example, because of large number of flies, then he caught fly using fly glue and uploaded.

The letter or minutes have been signed by local RT and RW dated 11 April 2020 yesterday. It is known, on December 17, 2018, a similar thing also happened in Cimanggu, where people were worried because of chicken coop. Now same thing is also troubled again by residents in Cimanggu, even not only that, they uploaded this concern in timeline.

“Since beginning people of Cilingga Village, Cimanggu District, Cilacap Regency have refused existence of laying hens in Cilingga Village. The residents and owners of ranch agreed to close and no longer use these ranches with a deadline from 17 December 2018 to 17 May 2019. But until now farm is still operating and owner is not obeying agreement made. ” Said owner of mawarmelati account on his own Instagram.

Based on his report, residents expressed objections to laying hens that stood in middle of residential areas. In letter also explained that consequences have an impact on air pollution and also disrupt health and odors caused.

Responding to this, Deputy Regent of Cilacap, Syamsul Auliya Rachman then commented on it. “Today (Tuesday, 4/14) PP Sat Pol has come to owner of laying hens. And according to SOP, owner is called to come to PP Pol to conduct Verification on Monday.” Syamsul said. (Hasan)

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