It turns out that Boruto likes purple-eyed women, does Sumire too

Sumire is very worried about Boruto
Sumire is very worried about Boruto

CILACAP.INFO – Many things about Boruto story that are not in Anime or Manga, but could be in a Novel.

As contained in novel titled Sasuke Shinden where fact was found that Boruto actually likes women who have purple eyes (Violet).

This was revealed by one of fans on Twitter and shared a story about Boruto who likes Purple-eyed Women.

“Boruto returns his gaze to TV screen and there is a smile on Lilly’s face. Boruto sees it not because she is cute or not, but because he thinks that Lilly’s eyes are so beautiful that she has bright and clear purple eyes.” Write Twitter user Anime_buff telling Story of Boruto in Novel Sasuke Shinden.

According to Twitter users, Boruto likes color Violet. Perhaps, Lilly’s figure on TV reminded Boruto of a woman, Sumire Kakei.

Himawari’s eyes were completely fixed on a TV. In keeping with Lilly’s singing voice, she hummed a melody to herself.

“Himawari, do you like Himeno Lilly?” asked Boruto.

Himawari replied “Yup!” and nodded. “Because Lilly-chan is cute. And she’s good at singing and dancing.” Himawari said.

Is that true? Boruto’s gaze returned to TV screen. Seen on TV showing Lilly’s face.

What surprised him wasn’t whether she (Lilly) was cute or not, but Boruto thought that Lilly had a pretty eye color. Lilly has bright, clear purple eyes.

Boruto also often sings songs by Lilly, Go-Go-Go-To Hell and Angel Go-Go-Go-To Violet Moon.

Because Boruto often sings that song, makes Sarada say to Boruto: “This is a weird song lyric to listen to one more time.” Sarada said.

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