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Why is Indonesia Football Menpora Cup Broadcast Random

Sekjen PSSI Yunus Nusi
Sekjen PSSI Yunus Nusi

JAKARTA, CILACAP.INFO – The Menpora Cup 2021 started on Sunday (21/3/2021) with opening match of Arema FC against PS Tira Persikabo and watching PSIS Semarang versus Barito Putera at Manahan Stadium, Solo.

All 2021 Menpora Cup matches are broadcast live by Indosiar and Vidio.com. However, everyone who likes soccer cannot enjoy Menpora Cup at home. This is because those who have pay television cannot watch game because of messy broadcasts.

“We are still in atmosphere of Covid-19 pandemic. Everything handled by PSSI and PT LIB. Includes hotel fees and antigen swabs for all participants. In normal times, all of that is responsibility of their respective clubs. So there must be an increased fee, “said Acting Secretary General of PSSI Yunus Nusi.

According to Yunus, one way to watch for free is to use an ordinary antenna (UHF) to watch Menpora Cup 2021.

“Emtek as a business partner of PSSI and PT LIB in 2021 Menpora Cup also has rules. They also run businesses. So this related matter has become commonplace. Likewise, if you look at European leagues you also have to subscribe to pay or cable television. So this is normal and hopefully understood in doing business, “added Yunus.

Meanwhile, those who have internet quota can stream. You have to pay, with Rp. 29,000 a month we can watch all 39 games in total. If average is not up to IDR 1000 per match.

Meanwhile, Marketing Organizing Committee (OC) Menpora Cup 2021, Rudy Kangdra, explained that his party had joined Indosiar (Emtek Group) from group stage to final round. Television coverage on a national scale and can be watched live and for free.

“The way to enjoy broadcast matches in 2021 Menpora Cup is on several platforms. Not only through national local television which can be enjoyed for free using a regular antenna, but there are also other platforms such as Over The Top (OTT) and cable. Television. Both categories can be said to be premium or paid. So this category is given freedom to choose as needed, “said Rudy.

The first two matches on first day of Group A are known to have not gone smoothly and smoothly. Arema FC drew 1-1 against PS Tira Persikabo and in second match PSIS Semarang which won 3-0 in first half was finally equalized 3-3 by Barito Putra in second half.

Today there are two matches in Group B, namely Bhayangkara FC against Borneo FC and Persija versus PSM Makassar at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang.

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