Kurama Death: AN Bijuu Figure that is symbolized by Hatred, Finally Becomes Kindness


CILACAP.INFO – Kurama’s death on Boruto Chapter 55 is a trending topic, consider the story of Kurama who is a nine-tailed fox in Naruto body. Kyuubi Kurama is a Bijuu of 9 siblings who came from the 10-tailed Juubi Chakra which was shared by the Rikudo Sennin long before the era of the Naruto and Boruto ninja.

Created from Juubi Tails 10 which is a frightening monster, then the Bijuu are called the symbol of hatred.

It is said, that Hagoromo managed to subdue the Ten Tails’ Juubi and sealed it in his body, but over time, Hagoromo was also old.

Hagoromo thought that if he died, what was feared was that the Juubi would come out and go on a rampage, so he divided the Ten Tails into nine brothers.

One of the strongest Bijuu is Kurama, where besides being strong Kurama also has a reliable fighting strategy.

Even in several episodes or chapters when fighting the enemy, Kurama talked to Naruto about the strategy that must be done against the enemy.

Kurama is an intelligent nine-tailed Bijuu, even Isshiki Otsutsutki also acknowledges Kurama’s intelligence.

Even though it was created from the shards of the Ten Tails’ chakra, it has quite a large chakra, no doubt that many people want to use it.

When Kurama who was in the form of a fox was sealed in Naruto’s body, Naruto was shunned by many people for fear.

Because the Kyuubi in Naruto has killed many people.

The Kyuubi that is sealed in a Jinchuuriki intends to master the body of the container.