Nature Tourism and Agrotourism in Wanareja can be a Tourism Destination


CILACAP.INFO – Wanareja is one of the subdistricts in Cilacap Regency, Central Java where this area is at the western end before Dayeuhluhur.

This area is partly plateau or hilly, if you cross through the Southern Cross National Line both from Bandung and Banyumas you will find pine and rubber trees.

Not many people know what tours are in Wanareja, but if you want to explore and adventure you will find several places that can be used as tourist destinations.

As has been said above, the Wanareja are hilly, almost the entire western area of ​​Cilacap is hilly (mountainous).

Despite the mountains, the area in the western part of Cilacap from Karangpucung, Cimanggu, Majenang, Wanareja, Dayeuhluhur offers its natural beauty, including Wanareja.

* Here are some Tourist attractions in Wanareja that can be visited:

1. Curug Ngebul

It is not yet known why the waterfall is named as such, but Ngebul in Indonesian means smoking, probably because the waterfall often emits smoke or there used to be a sulfur-like substance.

To visit Curug Ngebul, you can go to Jambu Village, Wanareja District.

2. Curug Bandung

Curug Bandung like ever Publish, which is located in Cieuleut Limbangan Village District of Cilacap Wanareja.

3. Cigupit waterfall

This waterfall is located in Tlagasari Hamlet, Bantar Village, Wanareja District.

4. Guava Mountain

Guava Mountain is a cultural heritage area, where there is a statue or temple in this place.

While its location is in the village of Cilongkrang, Wanareja District, Cilacap Regency.

* Agrotourism in Wanareja:

1. Dragon Fruit Agro Tourism

Visiting this Agrotourism, visitors can enjoy the dragon fruit garden in Majingklak Village, Wanareja District. In addition, you can buy and pick it yourself.

2. Melon Golden Agro Tourism

Melon Golden is located in Madura Village, Wanareja District, where visitors can also buy and pick it themselves.

3. Durian Cane Agro Tourism

This agrotourism is located in Nangkapusar Hamlet, Limbangan Village, Cilacap Subdistrict.