1 Year 2 Times Website Deindex Bing, Why?

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Cilacap.info English – Actually, what kind of website or domain has good criteria according to Bing?

Over years I created websites both for myself and for other people’s media companies, only one of my websites had problems and was deindexed 2 times in less than 1 year.

I feel something went wrong with my domain or website being removed from bing search.

Is it because someone feels jealous and reports it to Bing or is there really something wrong from our website.

We have not received any messages in email regarding removal of our domain from bing search and have not seen any notification regarding removal on Bing Webmaster Central.

We have created a support ticket to Bing support team regarding removal of our website.

I find it surprising and strange to see that our site is in good condition from server side, because we use VPS and it rarely goes down.

As a website builder, I also carefully check files on server, and after checking there is no malware or virus embedded in our website’s FTP folder and we also always upgrade our WordPress site to latest version.

Regarding backlinks, we also never practice buying backlinks in bulk, and backlinks that appear on our site are traditional backlinks.

Based on SSL data, SSL on our domain is Grade A+ when we check it on SSL Labs page.

Likewise, when we see HTTP Header / Security Header, our site is also A+ status.

Our page Spam Score on MOZ is also good at just 1%. While other people’s websites even have a Spam Score of 30% and above, they are still allowed to appear on Bing.

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