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PAG Synergy with Indonesian Ambassador to Kuwait for Business

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cilacap info featured

JAKARTA, CILACAP.INFO – Efforts to realize vision of becoming a world-class regasification and LNG hub company, Perta Arun Gas (PAG) began to explore and utilize business potential of LNG regasification Operation & Maintenance (O&M) business in Kuwait. For this reason, PAG requested support and assistance of Indonesian Embassy in Kuwait, on Thursday, July 16, 2020.

The request for support was attended by Director of PAG Arif Widodo, Indonesian Ambassador to Kuwait Tri Tharyat, together with Labor Attache and Economic Team. On this occasion to discuss employment agreements in Kuwait, system tax & tenders and Foreign Investment in Kuwait.

In his presentation, Arif explained assets of former Arun LNG Plant leased through State Asset Management Institute (LMAN) as well as potential to use other former Arun assets as development activities such as LPG Hub Fuel Oil & LNG Bunkering.

“The assets of former PT Arun that we have utilized, namely five units of LNG tank with a total capacity of 636,000 m3, 1 unit of Jetty LNG [at] 80,000 DWT, six units of Power Plant with an output capacity of 220 MW, Utility Factory as well as office and residential areas.” Arif explained.

Through that competency, Arif continued, PAG can develop O&M business abroad. “In addition to achieving vision, of course we have opportunity to contribute in field of work to launch regasification in Kuwait.” He added.

On this occasion, PAG has made a stakeholder mapping that will occur. “We also want to know about conduct of business in Kuwait. For that, through Indonesian Embassy in Kuwait, we ask for help with support.” Added Arif.

According to Tri, PAG has had a highly qualified, credible and reputable business review for international LNG center and LNG regasification company as well as licensing as a bonded industrial zone (PLB) for LNG products in Indonesia.

Tri also submitted, a 95 percent increase in Kuwait was needed on oil. Even though gas has not been optimized.

“Kuwait has a vision called Kuwait 2035, country will reduce dependence on oil and gas sector, and encourage other industries to become financial centers in region.” Tri explained.

“Regarding business potential, we will facilitate PAG. Hopefully everything can run well according to existing regulations,” he added. * PAG / HM

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