Indonesia Crypto Scam, Boss EDCCash was Arrested by Police

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JAKARTA, English – The Indonesian National Police, namely Bareskrim Polri, received reports from victims of E-Dinar Coin Cash investment.

The existence of report then Bareskrim Polri searched luxury home and assets belonging to boss of EDDCash.

From this case, Police Criminal Investigation Unit finally named 6 suspects related to an alleged investment fraud case called EDCCash.

Head of Public Relations Division of Police, Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan said. Of 6 people named as suspects, one of them is President Director of EDCCAsh, Abdulrahman Yusuf.

“Until now, in this case there are 6 suspects who have been detained and examined at Police Criminal Investigation Unit.” He explained, on Tuesday (20/4/2021).

Furthermore, six suspects include Abdulrahman Yusuf as CEO of EDCCash and H.

Bareskrim Polri itself has searched Abdulrahman Yusuf house. “The search was carried out at house of suspect AY (Abdulrahman Yusuf).” He explained.

In addition, a search was also carried out at house of suspect H in Sukabumi, West Java. There, police confiscated a number of evidence.

The suspects were arrested based on report number LP / 135/2021 / Bareskrim dated March 22, 2021. The suspects were charged with suspicion of criminal acts, embezzlement and money laundering (TPPU).

“The victim has been examined and victim continues to send him home,” he said.

Furthermore, Ramadan revealed that EDCCash was declared illegal.

Then, illegal crypto investment or trading without permission of OJK and Bappebti by using EDCCash application, he said.

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