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Anime Theory: Kurama Isn’t Dead Yet and Naruto High Level Jutsu

naruto clone jutsu high level
naruto clone jutsu high level

In his debut, it seems that when Naruto uses Thousand Shadow Kick as a clone of himself, it doesn’t come from Kurama Kyuubi chakra.

As for Naruto using kyuubi chakra for first time, during chunin exam against Hyuga Neji.

Apart from Thousand Shadow Kick, Naruto also mastered moves that Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya, had, namely Sage Mode.

Not only that, Naruto also mastered Rasengan without help of Nine-Tailed Fox Chakra.

As one of Uzumaki clan, Naruto still has great chakra.

Even Minato from Uzumaki clan who is Fourth Hokage and also father of Naruto, although not a Jhincuriki from Bijuu, Minato is also great and can even defeat Madara and can open portal of time and space.

Naruto can also be like his father or there is a legacy of strength from his father, it just that Masashi Kishimoto as creator may not have mentioned that.

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