Indonesian National Team Best Player Expectations Age 16 After Second Internal Match

The National Team Player Age 16 is currently undergoing TC
The National Team Player Age 16 is currently undergoing TC

JAKARTA, CILACAP.INFO – Ferre Murarri and Sandy Kusuma Triandy were chosen by head coach of Indonesian national team Age 16, Bima Sakti as best players in second internal match at team training camp, at Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Saturday (19/12/2020).

Ferre was chosen to represent Green team, while Sandy was representative of Red team. According to Bima, both of them made important contributions to match, as previously reported.

“Ferre mobilized back line well, not allowing any opponent to enter his area. Then Sandy, he coordinates midfield, becomes a ‘general’ in midfield who can coordinate when to defend and attack so that red team can play well,” said Bima.

Being coach choice in second internal game, did not make them puffed up. Both of them agreed to continue to make a big contribution to this team.

“Of course it nice,” both said simultaneously. “We didn’t expect to be selected, we just played according to coach wishes and what was given during TC,” they continued.

So far they have both taken a lot of lessons until training camps several times until now. Ferre is more unique, “Apart from knowledge of soccer in training, I also learn a lot of English from my roommates and eat (as is known, sleeping and eating with anyone on this team in rotation), Victor (is Canadian descent from his mother) person, he can teach me, “said Ferre.

“In fact, I practice it when leading prayers before and after eating with team,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Sandy admitted that he listened to a lot of input from coaching team and officials. “I welcome all input and opinions from coaching team or others. What I lacked, I corrected and continued to practice diligently. Maybe this is result of hard work so far. I believe it can still be better in future, “he explained.

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