Isshiki Dead, Sasuke is Stabbed by Boruto in Chapter 53

Boruto illustration of Sasuke left eye prick
Boruto illustration of Sasuke left eye prick English – The long awaited Boruto Chapter 53 has been released, Kawaki appears and Isshiki fails to make it a container. How could it not be, Kawaki who was hiding appeared not with a real body but what appeared was a Bunshin (shadow).

The story begins with Kawaki presence who Isshiki deliberately brought in through intermediary Naruto hand that was given to Kawaki.

Isshiki deliberately brought it to be used as a container, but Naruto told Kawaki to run away. In end, Kawaki ran and was chased by Isshiki.

When caught and Isshiki grabbed Kawaki neck, Sasuke quickly used his teleportation technique, so that what Isshiki caught was Sasuke.

Sasuke also told Kawaki to keep running and told him to use a smoke bomb. Kawaki did just that.

While Sasuke who was in front of Isshiki was then beaten by him. Then Isshiki looked for hiding Kawaki and said that in that way he would still find him with his Byakugan eyes and saying stupid. However, after being searched, Kawaki was still not found even though Isshiki flew into air.

In Sasuke mind, that Isshiki is one who is stupid, because smoke bombs can interfere with Byakugan vision.

But Isshiki did not run out of ways, he approached Naruto and while telling Kawaki, if he didn’t appear in 20 seconds, he would tear Naruto body.

Meanwhile, Kawaki, who was hiding, remembered past when he was hiding and was still known by Jigen and beaten up.

And he also remembered Naruto who had acknowledged his existence and said that Kawaki was his student.

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