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cilacap info featured English – Benefits of Website Include Google News One of them is Fast Indexing content on google search, this info true. But you also need to enter sitemap into Google webmaster.

This is advantage of websites that have been approved by Google News, even without regard, website will be indexed very quickly. This is my luck, where I have subdomains and subdirectories approved by Google.

I’m not a SEO expert, I’m not an expert on websites, but I learned a lot about optimizing websites.

I once found an article that indexed fast domains are com and net. But fact is not case, even any domain has opportunity to get it.

I also found an article related to a Sitemap, that including a sitemap can be determinant of article on start page of a search engine, right ?.

Though not like that from me I’ve learned. Because a sitemap is included on webmasters such as bing and google, it aims to get your page pinged, so that it will be crawled quickly and appear on search engines.

Back to topic of excess about websites that are approved by Google News. That without me having to fetch as a webmaster, my article will be crawled quickly.

Do you also want to approve Google News, if you do then you have to make good and quality content.

Then navigate to site that shows clarity of your website. Like About page, author of each article and also contact. All of above is very important, and could be cause of Google approval.

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