Cidayeuh Canyon, Beautiful Destination in Dayeuhluhur Cilacap

cidayeuh canyon dayeuhluhur cilacap
cidayeuh canyon dayeuhluhur cilacap English – From some people in Cilacap Regency, Central Java there must be someone who is not familiar with tourist objects in Cilacap Dayeuhluhur. Let alone Obizis, there are people in east end of Cilacap, and Central Cilacap also who do not know that Dayeuhluhur exists.

Then acquaintance first, and will be introduced. Dayeuhluhur is one of sub-districts in westernmost tip of Cilacap, bordering Ciamis and City of Banjar, West Java.

Even though it is still in Cilacap area, only one district which is a full community receives Sundanese. In addition, sunda is also smooth, like in Ciamis.

Dayeuhluhur or in Indonesian this means Kota Atas. Investigate a calibaration Dayeuhluhur has a history that many people do not know about. This district was once a kingdom or Duchy.

Just go back to tourist object which this time will be introduced is Cidayeuh Canyon.

I don’t know either, even though this was one of top 10 tourist destinations recommended by Ministry of Tourism (Ministry of Tourism).

This tourist destination will offer amazing fresh air. Especially with Cidayeuh Canyon air clarity which is so interesting. Dayeuhluhur itself does have a clear and beautiful river with many green trees.

If you want to visit here you will apologize, because it will not be saturated, and in Dayeuhluhur there are also still a few destinations.

There is highest waterfall in Cilacap, which is Cimandaway Waterfall, also Bukit Ketapang Indah Hill here.

If you want to visit Cidayeuh Canyon, you can go to village of Cilumping. You know Cilumping, is one of villages that produces coffee in accordance with this village which also has what is offered abroad.

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