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Episode 187: The First Time Boruto Used Karma In Front of Kashin Koji

Episode 187 The First Time Boruto Used Karma
Episode 187 The First Time Boruto Used Karma

When Konohamaru took out Rasengan, Kashin Koji also took out Rasengan which surprised Konohamaru, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki.

Not quite surprised by Kashin Koji rasengan, suddenly a frog was beside Konohamaru body and Kashin Koji took out Zenmai No Shinka so that it burned Konohamaru.

Seeing his teacher burning, then Boruto did not stay silent, with his karma he absorbed fuinjutsu and fire that burned Konohamaru.

Boruto is astonished by karma creeping up his arm, and passes out.

When Sarada pinsan approached Boruto and Kashin Koji approached Boruto but did not attack him.

Kashin Koji said that it was first time Boruto used his karmic power.

But Sarada with her great curiosity asked Kashin Koji what strength was in Boruto and would attack Kashin Koji who went away.

But Mitsuki hindered Sarada, that it is more important for Konohamaru and Boruto lives than thinking about what power Boruto has.

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