Looks like Boruto Anime & Manga is heading to Time Skip

Kawaki vs Boruto
Kawaki vs Boruto

Cilacap.info English – Like other Anime, Manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is allegedly going to Time Skip in a few more chapters, compared to anime.

The reason is in Manga it is known that Villains, namely Code and Aida, have started to move to Konoha, while Kawaki seems to intend to leave Konoha. (Chapter 61)

While in Anime Time Skip it may be a bit slower than manga, because in Anime it will usually be more detailed even though it is adopted from manga, and even there are no scene s in manga but in anime.

Impressions that only exist in Anime, for example, when Kakashi follows Kashin Koji and many other scene s.

Regarding Time Skip in anime manga, maybe some fans or anime fans already know about it, if not, we will explain.

Time Skip in anime is a pause that can be related to changes, age, special training so that characters in anime or others get stronger.

One example is Naruto Shippuden series, where Hokage used to go from Konoha to a place with Jiraiya to get special training from his teacher.

And training for 2 years is also not in Anime but appears when Jiraiya was killed by Pain Nagato.

And it makes Naruto memories return to memories or moments of how he was trained by Jiraiya (Legendary Sannin).

There is a possibility in Boruto Manga that there will also be a Time Skip, especially considering that Boruto is a Momoshiki container that can harm planet Earth if his body is controlled by Momoshiki.

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