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Google Doodles Convey Happy Independence Day Indonesia

Google Doodles Logo 17 August
Google Doodles Logo 17 August

JAKARTA,TEKNOLOGIA NEWS – Today’s Doodle, illustrated by Jakarta-based guest artist Martcellia Liunic, celebrates Indonesia’s Independence Day, known locally as Tujuhbelasan (from Indonesian for “seventeen”). On this day in 1945, Indonesia’s proclamation of independence officially set self-declared nation on a path to sovereignty.

Indonesia’s national motto is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which translates to “Unity in Diversity.” Today’s Doodle artwork highlights diversity that shapes a united Indonesia with illustrations such as Sumatran Tiger and Rafflesia Arnoldii flower (which has world largest bloom), just a few examples of abundant variety of fauna and flora indigenous to archipelago.

Also featured in artwork is a depiction of Panjat Pinang, one of holiday’s most popular games that requires teams to work together to reach top of a slippery pole and claim prizes. More than just a game, Panjat Pinang embodies spirit of gotong royong (“mutual assistance”) and emphasizes importance of Indonesian unity.

Here’s to lifting each other up. Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

Guest Artist Q&A with Martcellia Liunic

Today’s Doodle was illustrated by Jakarta-based guest artist Martcellia Liunic. Below, she shares her thoughts behind making of this Doodle:

Q: Why was this topic meaningful to you personally?

A: Because I’ve lived in Indonesia my whole life!

Q: Did you draw inspiration from anything in particular for this Doodle?

A: Knowing that Independence Day is one biggest national holidays celebrated in Indonesia, I thought of how we usually decorate our neighbourhoods with festive and national flags, as well as hold friendly competitions, parades, and a flag ceremony, with national anthem being sung throughout day.

I wanted to portray not just these festivities in my illustration for Doodle, but also importance of “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika,” which means “unity in diversity.” As one of most ethnically diverse societies, Indonesia consists of 1,300 ethnic groups, with at least 95 percent native to archipelago. So I also aimed to portray Indonesia’s natural beauty with mountains, sea, and some of its remarkable animals like Sumatran Tiger and Rafflesia Arnoldii Flower.

Q: What message do you hope people take away from your Doodle?

A: That Indonesia is beautiful, diverse, and festive, just like my colorful illustration! (*)

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