Tourism Bojong Rongga Lake in Kedungreja Cilacap Have a Story

cilacap info featured
cilacap info featured

“There used to be only one stall here, that is only mbah suro. So if people knew Mbah Suro better, because Mbah Suro was first to establish a warung,” Asih explained, Sunday (06/16/2019).

Furthermore. Asih revealed that there are many stalls along Bojongrongga lake. It was just a duck about 4 years ago. and just like now not long ago.

“So, about 4 years ago there were only water ducks. Now, yes, it hasn’t been long since there has been a warung or lesehan along lake and there is a playground for children,” she said.

In addition to local visitors, Asih also said that there were quite a lot of visitors coming from outside city.

“The visitors who come from out of town for a vacation or want to hunt for culinary here are quite a lot from Purbalingga there,” she added.

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