Theory Manga Boruto Episode 191, Kawaki vs Sumire


JAKARTA, CILACAP.INFO – Masashi Kishimoto is currently working on 2 (two) Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series, namely the Chapter and Episode series.

Where in the episode series there are complete details and details on how the characters appear in the chapter.

In the series the episodes are also not only shown in manga comics but also released in the form of motion animations that become videos.

It is known that currently the Boruto Chapter series has reached Chapter 56, while the episode series has episode 190 and episode 191 will air today, Sunday, March 21, 2021 at 17.30 WIB (Asian / Jakarta Time).

In episode 190 which was released yesterday, Kawaki was treated in handcuffs at Katasuke Laboratory.

But Kawaki tried to escape by tricking Boruto and his friends into going to the bathroom.

Before escaping, Kawaki managed to retrieve a smoke bomb from medics at Katasuke Laboratory.

So that when he got to the bathroom, Kawaki threw a smoke bomb at Boruto and Mitsuki and fled through the ceiling of Katasuke’s laboratory.

But Sumire manages to block Kawaki, and it turns out that Kawaki uses a ninja tool that causes Sumire to bounce.

Seeing Sumire being treated like that by Kawaki, Nue enlarged and bit Kawaki’s arm until it bled before finally escaping into the forest.

Sumire did not remain silent, she chased Kawaki into the forest and fought.

But in the fight, Sumire seems to be attacked by Kawaki using Karma.

We can see how in the Tokyo TV footage regarding episode 191 which will be released this afternoon, that Sumire looks defeated and helpless, and Boruto is seen carrying Sumire who seems to have lost to Kawaki after the fight.