Boruto Chapter 54 Release Schedule and Predictions

Boruto illustration of Sasuke left eye prick
Boruto illustration of Sasuke left eye prick English – It true what was published on Blocktoro page as previously released by, that spoilers or manga leaks of Boruto Chapter 54 will not appear.

Fans, who usually get images of spoilers in cyberspace, this time were made nervous. Because Boruto CH 54 is a moment full of tension.

Where previously at end of manga CH 53, Sasuke was stabbed by Momoshiki who was controlling Boruto body with a kunai that hit Sasuke left eye.

As for spoilers or leaks that appear on social media pages, they are allegedly fake spoilers. Meanwhile, cause of spoilers did not arise because Japan enforced strict laws related to piracy.

Since there are no spoilers that appear, there are suggestions or predictions regarding Boruto CH 54 which will be released today.

Based on prediction from Manga Portal, neither Naruto, Sasuke nor Kawaki will be able to kill Boruto as some theories have surfaced on internet.

The reason is that in CH 01 it is shown that Boruto is an adult where he is fighting Kawaki in a statue of destroyed Hokage face.

In Ch 01 also shown Boruto wearing Sasuke robe and Sasuke sword. So, there is a possibility that Sasuke will die in future or even in Chapter 54.

Where Boruto then wore what Sasuke wore as a sign that Sasuke was his teacher who he admired.

Boruto once said in front of Sarada that he wanted to be like Sasukse, that is, to become a shinobi who likes to travel, and that is likely to happen.

Where Boruto will then travel to atone for sin of having killed his teacher, even though act was not him, but Momoshiki act of control. Even Naruto could be killed along with Sasuke except for Kawaki. This is because Kawaki in Ch 01 told Boruto that he would send Boruto to 7th Hokage where Kawaki might say it was afterlife.

This prediction is considering that at end of CH 53, Momoshiki said he would finish off three of them which he thought was a barrier. Meanwhile, Naruto himself has run out of energy and drained because he has fought Isshiki Otsutsuki by using Barryon Mode. So, in such a situation, neither Naruto nor Sasuke will likely be able to kill Boruto.

Because only way for an Otsutsuki to die, then they have to kill container, while they can’t do much, especially when Sasuke Rinnegan is impaled by a kunai.

As for other way, Boruto must be able to take over his body again or be able to control it again from Momoshiki influence.

That is prediction for manga Boruto CH 54, as for schedule and official release time, namely Today, Wednesday January 20, 2021 at 22:00 WIB at Mangaplus.

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