Information Weather in Cilacap Regional, Sunday 19 July 2020

EN.CILACAP.INFO – Weather Information in Cilacap Regency, Central Java, Indonesia, today, Sunday 19 July 2020. Before that we will provide information about the nuances and destinations of beautiful places in Cilacap Regency, Central Java.

Get to know Cilacap Regency which is located in Central Java Province. Cilacap and is the largest district in Central Java. In the east it is bordered by Banyumas and Kebumen Regencies. In the south it is bordered by Pangandaran Regency, West Java. In the west it is bordered by Banjar City and Lakbok Ciamis Sub-District in West Java with the border being the Citanduy River. In the north bordering Brebes, Bumiayu.

Cilacap has a number of amazing tourism potentials, in this district there is Kemit Forest Education in Sidareja District and Mangrove Forest located in Kampung Laut. And Momongan Island in Nusawungu, all three are tours with Forest Shades. There are also Payau Forests and Karang Banar Tourism.

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Cilacap also has water tourism such as Kubangkangkung in Kawunganten and Lake Bojong Rongga in Kedungreja.

In the Western Region still rely on Curug as Nature Tourism. Among the famous waterfalls are the Cimandaway waterfall in Dayeuhluhur sub-district and the highest waterfall in the district.

In addition there is Curug Bandung Waterfall which is located in Wanareja District, Curug Manik Waterfall in Majenang District. There are also Bukit Ketapang Indah Panorama and Cidayeuh Canyon in Dayeuhluhur.

Sea tourism is equally good. This sea tour includes Widarapayung Beach in Binangun, Jetis Beach in Nusawungu, Teluk Penyu Beach. Permisan Beach (TNI Kopassus Beach) which is near Nusakambangan Island, Sodong Beach, Kutawaru Coastal Beach and Ranca Babakan White Sand Beach.

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There is also the Manganti Dam on the border between Cilacap, Central Java and Ciamis, and the City of Banjar, West Java. Tali Asmoro Flower Park, Cemara Sewu Beach. Benteng Pendem, Gunung Selok, Srandil.

From the famous culinary is Brekecek, Rempeyek Yutuk, Mendoan also be excellent not only in Banyumas.

Cilacap has 24 sub-districts including;

Adipala, Bantarsari, Binangun, South Cilacap, Central Cilacap, North Cilacap, Cimanggu, Cipari, Dayeuhluhur, Gandrungmangu, Jeruklegi, Kampung Laut, Karangpucung, Kawunganten, Kedungreja, Kesugihan, Kroya, Majenang, Maos Nusang, Pati, Kupang, Pati , Sidareja, Wanareja

For those of you who want to know the latest weather conditions and forecasts today, Sunday (19/07/2020), you can see them here.

This information is sourced from the official website of the Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) so that this information is accurate.

– At 04:00 WIB the weather in Cilacap showed that it was Cloudy with temperatures reaching 25 ° C with 95% humidity and Wind Speed of 10 km / hr Southeast.

– At 07:00 WIB the weather in Cilacap showed that it was Sunny Cloudy with temperatures reaching 27 ° C with 85% humidity and Wind Speed of 10 km / hour Southeast.

– At 13:00 WIB the weather in Cilacap showed that it was Sunny Cloudywith a temperature of 30 ° C with 705% humidity and a wind speed of 20 km / hour East.

– At 19:00 WIB the weather in Cilacap shows that Cloudy with temperatures reaching 27 ° C with 80% humidity and Wind Speed of 10 km / hour East.

Above is information about today’s weather forecast in Cilacap, Central Java.