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Kawaki Character Differences with Naruto and Boruto

moment naruto and kawaki to eat ramen
moment naruto and kawaki to eat ramen

While Kawaki’s nature is not like Naruto and Boruto, this is also known with emergence of Chapter 66 where Kawaki stabbed Boruto to penetrate Boruto’s body.

So Kawaki didn’t get angry easily, and he wouldn’t tolerate someone being possessed by Otsutsuki Momoshiki even though he had lived with him for a long time.

Even though Naruto itself is in Spoiler Chapter 66 which has sprung up which will be released on Mangaplus on Thursday, January 20, 2022.

Naruto strongly objected to Kawaki’s arbitrary actions towards Boruto even though he did so so that Momoshiki would not become a threat to Shinobi, and to protect Naruto.

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