Episode 187: The First Time Boruto Used Karma In Front of Kashin Koji


CILACAP.INFO – Finally, the Anime Manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 187 has been released, where Boruto Uzumaki saves Konohamaru Sarutobi by absorbing the fire that burned his teacher through his karma.

In this episode, AO who had been defeated by Boruto was helpless, but suddenly Kashin Koji appeared and tried to attack Team 7 led by Konohamaru, and also Katasuke.

Kashin Koji summons the Summoning Beast: Boiler Gama which resembles the Toad from Mount Myoboku to attack Team Seven. But AO, who was helpless and lying on the ground, did not remain silent.

Even though AO is a member of Kara, but in his heart there are still the seeds of Shinobi, so in the end he died as a shinobi by saving Boruto.

Seconds before AO died, Boruto was attacked by Kashin Koji’s frog, but AO released the Suithon: Suishoha stance to save Boruto.

After being saved, Boruto also said that AO had saved him and said that AO was a hero from the left village who at the end of his life used ninjutsu and in AO there is still the soul of a Shinobi.

Likewise, Kashin Koji said, who did not expect and was surprised by AO who suddenly issued a water jutsu to save Boruto.

Kashin Koji also muttered about AO, whether he was reflexed or wanted to leave the world as a shinobi.

Kashin Koji got off from his Kuchiyose Frog and introduced himself and said that he was happy to meet Uzumaki Boruto.