Kurama Death: Remembering the Story of the Kyuubi Sealed in Naruto Body


CILACAP.INFO – Boruto Manga and Manga Anime Fans are saddened by Kurama’s death in the Boruto Chapter 55 series after struggling with Naruto against Isshiki using Baryon Mode.

Who is Kurama and how did the story begin with Naruto Uzumaki?

Kurama or Kyuubi is a Bijuu in the form of a fox with nine tails. Kurama was in Naruto’s body since infancy which was sealed by Minato.

The story begins when Kushina, who is the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, gave birth to Naruto, at that time suddenly a masked ninja approached and tried to take Naruto who was still a baby to improve.

Minato was shocked and had two choices between saving Kushina or pursuing the masked ninja.

Meanwhile, Kushina is struggling because she has just given birth, Minato has a choice between having to re-seal the Kyuubi in his wife’s body or chase after the masked ninja.

Minato finally pursued the Masked Ninja with the jutsu of time and space. But the mysterious ninja managed to use a similar move, namely time and space.

With this move, a mysterious ninja thought to have come from the Uchiha clan managed to bring Kushina to another place and then forcibly removed the Bijuu from inside Kushina’s body using the Sharingan.

Not long after, Minato came to save Kushina, and the great thing was that Naruto’s mother still survived and didn’t die even though the Bijuu had been removed from her body.

Minato then took Kushina to their baby’s place. Meanwhile, the Mysterious Ninja managed to escape by bringing the Kyuubi to Konoha and went berserk.