Pertamina Owns Assets in 13 Countries

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Until 2021, PIEP has contributed as much as 49.9 million barrels of oil or a value of around USD2.8 billion which was sent to Indonesia to meet needs of domestic refineries, as well as to contribute to improvement of Indonesia Balance of Payments (Current Account Deficit).

“In total, 76% of oil produced from abroad is sent to domestic refineries to support national energy security. The largest oil contribution came from three assets in Algeria, Malaysia and Iraq,” said Fajriyah Usman, Acting SVP Corporate Communication and Investor Relations at Pertamina.

At same time, Pertamina through Pertamina International Marketing & Distribution Pte. Ltd. (PIMD) continues to expand export of its superior products to global market.

Pertamina various superior products that have been accepted by international market include Avtur, MFO, DCO, HVR-1, LCO and Paraxylene. During January – June 2021, Pertamina product sales volume in export market reached 3,999 MT with a value of USD 1.9 billion.

“PIMD income is supported by upward trend in product prices in line with increase in oil prices and sales volume,” added Fajriyah.

In lubricant business, PT Pertamina Lubricant (PTPL) also strengthens its position in world market. Currently, Pertamina lubricant exports have penetrated 14 countries with largest markets in Asia, Africa and Australia.

Pertamina business movement as a global player is also shown by Pertamina International Shipping (PIS). Eleven PIS fleets have docked and docked at international ports.

Even three managed to obtain a Certificate of Compliance from United States of America Coast Guard. In midst of COVID-19 pandemic, it also succeeded in inaugurating giant tankers VLCC Pertamina Pride and Pertamina Prime and protecting Petronas subsidiaries, namely Petco Trading Labuan Company Limited (PTLCL).

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